Ysrcp Scores 96.55 Per Cent Victory In Local Polls

Fri Nov 19 2021 16:47:51 GMT+0530 (IST)

The ruling TDP has created a rare record by winning 96.55 per cent of the civic bodies in the state, for which the elections were held. It has won the mayoral posts of all the 13 corporations. In all of the municipal councils, only Darsi and Tadpatri went for the TDP.  The TDP is likely to win Kondapalli too.

Even in Darsi and Kondapalli, the YSRCP had a higher vote share. In Darsi, the YSRCP polled 48.30 per cent votes, while the TDP got 46.57 per cent. In Kondapalli too, the story is the same. The YSRCP got 47 per cent, while the TDP got 44.17 per cent.

In the panchayat elections, the YSRCP won 10536 out of the 13092 seats. In mandal parishad elections, out of the total of 9583, the YSRCP has won 8249 seats. Out of the 638 ZPTCs, the party won 830 seats. This shows how complete the victory was. The YSRCP has ensured that the TDP was pushed to the margins by registering stunning victories.

This is the first time that such a stupendous and one-sided verdict was handed out. The local body elections have shown that the TDP has completely lost the plot. The YSRCP has established itself as the numero uno in Andhra Pradesh.