YSRCP To Take Over A TV Channel, Set Up Another?

Sun May 12 2019 19:15:44 GMT+0530 (IST)

The YSRCP is now all buoyed up ever since different surveys projected it as a winner in the AP polls. Jagan's incessant tours and systematic ground work seem to have paid rich dividends. All through his career, YS Jagan had to brave the negative reportage and biased coverage by the media. Initially, the media derided him to back the Congress. Later, the media became a strong votary of the TDP so much so that some media houses became mouthpieces of the TDP. They heaped tonnes of negative reportage on Jagan.  Despite this, Jagan braved them and forged ahead.

Now that the tidings are favourable, the YSRCP too wants to expand its media canopy. Besides Sakshi TV and newspaper, which did a splendid job, the YSRCP wants to have more favourable channels for itself. Jagan's Man Friday Vijaysai Reddy is said to be working on this. He is planning to take over Raj TV channel from the Komatireddys. The lease of Raj TV by Komatireddy's is coming to a close and the politico brothers do not seem to have any intention of renewing the lease. So, Vijaysai wants to take over. He also wants to set up another channel, with his both entertainment and politics based.

So, YSRCP is planning to increase its area of influence in the media and soon, we would see more channels that would fight the disinformation by pro-TDP media establishments.