YSRCP cadre to face the real public 'test' from May 11

Mon May 09 2022 18:49:40 GMT+0530 (IST)

Starting from Wednesday the YSRCP activists, MLAs, MPs and ministers will reach out to the people. The YSRCP activists will go to the people to explain about the achievements of the YS Jagan government. The party now wants to get a feel of the people's mood and their perception about the YS Jagan government after three years of its rule.

For two days, starting from May 11, the MLAs and other elected people's representatives will meet the general public at the village secretariat level. They are going to directly interact with the beneficiaries of various government schemes. They would also collect information about the implementation of various schemes.

But, the big question that is tormenting the YSRCP leaders is how to face the questions from the people. There are reports that the people are unhappy at the ground level. For instance, the Gopalapuram MLA was attacked by the people, who are known supporters of the YSRCP. He could escape only with the help of the police. Ditto with public anger in Kurnool district.

There are several villages, which the elected leaders have never visited so far. The leaders are apprehensive about how the people would take them to task. In several places, there is public anger about the tardy pace of the government employees. Sources say that even the imposition of the garbage tax is turning out to be a major off-putting project. The YSRCP cadre is now getting ready for this litmus test.