YSRCP leaders unable to comprehend why R Krishnaiah was made Rajya Sabha MP?

Thu May 19 2022 14:20:50 GMT+0530 (IST)

Why was R Krishnaiah made a Rajya Sabha MP? Why did AP Chief Minister and the YSRCP supremo choose him? How will he benefit the YSRCP? These are the questions that are being hotly debated in the AP political circles. Even the YSRCP circles are at a loss to explain the rationale behind the selection of R Krishnaiah as the YSRCP Rajya Sabha candidate.

That R Krishnaiah is a BC icon is never in doubt. But, there are serious doubts about his ability to get the BC votes, especially in neighbouring AP. R Krishnaiah is neither a crowd-puller nor a rabble rouser. Not just that. He has already worked in TRS, Congress and the TDP. Thus, his political credentials are also in question. He has never been a mass leader.

Several party leaders argue that the YSRCP got the BC votes in 2019 even in the absence of R Krishnaiah. Krishnaiah himself did not campaign for or against the YSRCP in the 2019 elections. So, why should the party pamper him and give the Rajya Sabha ticket to him, ask a section of the  party workers.  So, why this sudden social engineering, ask these leaders.

Usually, the BCs vote in favour of the party in power. That being the case, why should one pamper people like R Krishnaiah, ask a strong section of the party workers. But, another section argues that Jagan may have taken this decision after due consideration. Hence, the decision should not be questioned.  They feel that Jagan’s experiment would ultimately succeed.