YSRCP man plays Balayya Babu's song, get's slammed by partymen

Thu Mar 16 2023 12:08:55 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Rivalry and competition in politics is fast giving way to hate and intolerance. The latest example of this is the plight of a YSRCP leader, who played actor Balakrishna's song at a recent fete. He has been subjected to so much criticism by his own party men that he tried to end his life in disgust and distress.

Recently, Prabhalu festival was organised in Narasaraopet and diehard YSRCP activist Bhaskar Reddy played a song from Balakrishna's film. But, this drew the ire of other YSRCP workers. They began slamming Reddy for playing a rival politician's song. Meanwhile, local MLA Gopireddy Srinivas Reddy too came to know of it and severely reprimanded him.

Unable to bear it, Bhaskar Reddy tried to immolate himself by dousing in kerosine. His associates immediately put out the fire and took him to the hospital. On knowing about this, actor Balakrishna, who is also the TDP MLA from Hindupur, advised the YSRCP activists to keep films away from politics.

He said that this was not the right trend and added that the YSRCP workers were behaving in an extremely non-sportive manner. He said  that this smacks of political vendetta and hatred. He asked the YSRCP leaders go grow up and stop being intolerant.