#YSRCPAgain2024: Jagan CM Again Trending On Twitter!

Tue May 23 2023 10:41:56 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

A good image will make wonders and everyone will remember us. People will have a special place in their hearts if the leader is good. YSR implemented flagship welfare schemes and people could not digest his demise. Few of them breathed their last in the pain. People are showing equal love for YSR's son Jagan, who is doing more welfare than his father. No matter how hard the opposition parties are targeting him and the anti-media is critiquing him, Jagan is not taking any backsteps. He is enjoying a super following on social media. Netizens are saying Jagan should come again and they are tending the #YSRCPAgain2024 hashtag.

While others follow the trend, Jagan sets a trend. Though this is a reel dialogue of Pawan Kalyan, its suits Jagan in real life very well. On the occasion of YSRCP completing four years of power, netizens are showing praise for Jagan. In just minutes of starting the trend, the #YSRCPAgain2024 hashtag is trending at the national level at the top place. They are saying Jagan should come to power again.

The #YSRCP Again 2024 hashtag is trending at the national level. YSRCP supporters, followers, and netizens are supporting the party by listing out the victories, welfare schemes, and development schemes the party implemented over the years. The social media wing of YSRCP is also mentioning the schemes other states are implementing having been influenced by the AP govt.

YSRCP leaders are happy with the trend as it took just ten minutes to trend at the national level. Party activists are listing out the best tweets made by netizens under the hashtag. These tweets might be used against the opponents. This is an example of how effectively YCP is using social media.
People and netizens played a big role in boosting Jagan's image when he was doing padayatra when he was in opposition. The slogan Ravali Jagan Kavali Jagan saw a super response. Similarly, YCP Again 2024 is trending.

Jagan is also confident about welfare schemes and is campaigning why not 175. YSRCP leaders are strongly believing that the welfare schemes will bring them to power again. They are showing the trend on social media as an example of this.