YSRTP is happy over KTR's criticism of YS Sharmila

Mon Sep 20 2021 16:24:05 GMT+0530 (IST)

Finally, there is one reason why YSRTP president YS Sharmila can smile. Finally, at long last, TRS second-in-command KTR has recognised her existence. He has spoken about her party for the first time in as many months.  Till now, major political parties, including the Congress, BJP and TRS have refused to acknowledge her presence in Telangana.

Sharmila began with a bang and a lot of promise, but the fizz was gone too soon. Her party is bereft of ideas and no big name has joined the party. The crowds at the Lotus Pond have disappeared. Her Tuesday protests over unemployment are beginning and ending tamely. After the recent memorial meeting for her late father YSR, the graph has plummeted further.

But recently, KTR spoke about her and her working style. He said that leaders like YS Sharmila and RS Praveen Kumar were helping the national parties. " Why are they targeting only KCR? Why are they not talking about the BJP or the Congress," he asked.  He said Sharmila was trying to split the TRS votes and help the national parties. Thus, he has taken YS Sharmila into consideration for the first time.

Sharmila and her supporters feel this is the first ever recognition of YS Sharmila and her party. This, they feel is the first step forward to end marginalisation of the party. Sharmila will now step up her criticism of the ruling party in Telangana.