Yediyurappa Resigns As Karnataka Chief Minister After A Lot of Uncertainty!

Mon Jul 26 2021 12:27:28 GMT+0530 (IST)

The rumors of Yediyurappa's resignation as Karnataka's Chief Minister has been occupying the headlines for the past couple of weeks and they finally became true. The senior politician has announced his resignation after a lot of uncertainty.

During the resignation, Yediyurappa broke down on the stage and it was an emotional moment for the man who was a huge part of Kannada politics for many decades. Prior to resigning as the Chief Minister of Karnataka, the politician said, 'I have debt to pay back to the people of Karnataka. I ask officers and MLAs that people have lost trust in all of us. We should work harder and in clean honest way. Many officials are honest. All should become that. Bangalore is being developed to world class city.'

The future of 78-year-old is uncertain as of now and BJP is set to replace him in the coming days.