Yellow Media Goes Into A Tizzy Over Early Polls In Ap

Fri Sep 17 2021 13:16:19 GMT+0530 (IST)

The yellow media has gone into a tizzy about a possible early poll in Andhra Pradesh on the lines of KCR, who went to polls a full year before his tenure ended. The Yellow Media feels that recent comment of YS Jagan wherein he asked his MLAs and ministers to launch a house-to-house contact programme and prepare for the elections is aimed at the idea of early polls.

The yellow media is also alarmed at the sudden spurt in the activities of the Team PK. Prashant Kishore, Jagan announced, will start working in AP for the YSRCP from May 2022. This, the yellow media feels, is an indication that Jagan is planning for an early election. The yellow media is alerting the TDP to go on an alert mode.  Jagan's comment that 80 per cent of the ministers would be used for the election campaign is also being viewed as an indication of early elections.

The Yellow media perhaps believes that early elections could upset the Opposition's apple cart.  This would also catch the opposition off the guard, warns the Yellow media. They calculate that the elections could be held somewhere around mid 2023, at least a year ahead of the schedule.

The fact is that YS Jagan is now preparing for a major cabinet reshuffle. At least 70 per cent of the ministers could be replaced. As a result, the ministers need settling time to show results. Given this, the possibility of early polls appears remote. But for the Yellow Media it is the time to raise alarm and alert the TDP.