Yogi Beats Modi-shah Duo, Gets Rss On His Side

Sun Jun 20 2021 19:27:00 GMT+0530 (IST)

In UP, the Round 1 goes to Yogi Adityanath. In the war of supremacy between Yogi and Modi, it is clear that Yogi has had his way. Despite all their attempts, the Modi-Shah duo could not force Yogi to go in for a cabinet reshuffle.Not just that Yogi has ended up making UP a one-man show.

In fact, the BjP top brass wanted to upbraid Yogi over several issues. They wanted Yogi to answer the criticism of his government and the defeat of the party in the recent panchayat elections. Then they tried to bring in AK Sharma, who was Modi’s right hand man for several years both in Gujarat and in Delhi as the home minister of the state. Not only Yogi resisted this very strongly, he told the Modi-Shah combine that he would not allow Sharma into the cabinet.  But, Yogi has got support from the RSS. The RSS has strongly backed Yogi and put its foot down. So Yogi's word carried the day.

Finally, the RSS and Yogi have agreed to make AK Sharma the vice president of the BJP in Uttar Pradesh. Modi and Shah had to relent. Now Sharma will be the one of the 17 vice presidents that UP BJP has. So, Yogi will have a free hand for the upcoming assembly elections.