You Can Marry Fair Kashmiri Girls Now: MLA

Wed Aug 07 2019 19:43:36 GMT+0530 (IST)

Some of the BJP Lawmakers love making headlines, even if it's by resorting to controversial comments on sensitive matters. A Legislator of the Saffron Party made objectionable comment while reacting over the scrapping of Article 370.

BJP MLA Vikram Saini declared Party Workers were overjoyed over the abolition of Article 370 as they could now marry 'fair' Kashmiri Girls. He added, Bachelors in BJP can now go to Kashmir, buy plots of land and marry the girl of their choice.

Vikram Saini made these comments in' the function organised to celebrate the end of special status for Jammu & Kashmir. 'If a Kashmiri Woman marries a UP Man, There used to be lot of issues like revoking the lady's citizenship in the past. This happened because India and Kashmir Citizenships were different. But now, Muslim Workers in UP can celebrate. They get the chance to marry Kashmiri Girls. It's celebration time be it Hindus or Muslims'.

The Legislator defended his statement saying he had just spoke the truth and there is nothing wrong about it. He declared Kashmiris has attained freedom at last.

PM Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah need to ensure BJP Lawmakers doesn't slip their tongue on sensitive matters. A decision taken with good motive could backfire if a wrong message goes into the public.