You Will Be Shocked To Know How Many NRIs Die Everyday!

Sun Nov 17 2019 14:03:53 GMT+0530 (IST)

NRIs are seen as those Indians who got a chance to settle in foreign countries to live a life in luxury. But a new report says that is not the entire truth.

Due to an RTI request filed by activist, Jatin Desai, a shocking truth has come out in open that 12,223 NRIs have died in foreign countries due to various reasons between January 2018 to May 2019.

The number is staggering as it means at least 24 Indians are losing their lives in foreign countries, per day.

T. Anjula Jamir, Director (CPV) and CPIO at the External Ministry Affairs replied with these numbers to the queries of Jatin Desai. He asked for the details about Indians in foreign prisons and their death but he got this answer for the 18 month period from the officials.

Now, he is determined to know the reasons for their death and assistance they & their families received from Indian Embassies situated in those countries as well.

He expressed concern over the lack of any information with the Ministry regarding people in prisons and the kind of treatment they receive.

He asked several parties to take up this issue as priority concern in Winter Sessions of Parliament, as many Indians are going to foreign lands for better education, living conditions and opportunities but not to die in mysterious ways.