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Young Man Dies After Attending A Virus Party

Mon Jul 13 2020 10:31:29 GMT+0530 (IST)

Over the past few weeks, the concept of Covid parties are becoming more in several regions of the United States.

The college students have been reportedly organising several parties by inviting already infected patients along with uninfected students in order to see who gets infected first. The aim behind such parties is quite simple that whoever gets infected first, wins the prize money.

Recently, a  30-year-old man attended a COVID-19 party hosted by an infected person and died after getting infected with the virus.

As per the reports, the infected person before breathing his last had repented for the mistake he made.

"You know, I think I made a mistake," said the person.

Most of the youngsters deemed the disease was a hoax and they think that they wouldn't get affected by the virus. Assuming this, they are taking big risks keeping their lives in danger.