Your Zoom Login Details Could Be Up For Grabs On Dark Net

Mon May 04 2020 09:41:09 GMT+0530 (IST)

There were always fears that the Zoom App, the online conference call app, has compromised on its security features. With the Covid lockdown, the use of Zoom App has grown manifold and every company, organisation and even government organisations have used the app to communicate with their teams. But, now it turns out that the hackers have put the log in details of nearly 5 lakh persons on the Dark Web. These details were sold at one a penny.

It now turns out that a Russian-speaker has bought all these login details.  There have always been questions about its weak encryption regime and there were doubts that the personal details were up for grabs. Already, several persons and organisations have slapped cases on Zoom for lax security features.  There were also incidents where hackers managed to disrupt the Zoom meetings by broadcasting pornographic clips. In fact, a badminton coaching session starring all-time greats like P Gopichand had to be stopped mid-way after sex clips suddenly made way on the screen.

Realising these lax security aspects, the Government of India has banned the usage of Zoom app in government offices. The Union Home Ministry has also issued directives saying that Zoom App usage could compromise with the sensitive and classified information.