Youth Follows 'Love Today' Film,Gets Booked!

Sat Jan 21 2023 16:29:43 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The trend of taking inspiration from films and applying it in life is going on these days. Following the same path a Tamil fan got inspired by the recent hit Tamil film Love Today. The film is based on the thinking style of youths. Pradeep Ranganathan is the hero and director of the film. The film created a sensation in Tamil. Telugu star producer Dil Raju released the same film in Telugu.

The interesting trailer and Dil Raju releasing the film worked well for the film and increased expectations for the film. The film met expectations and it became a big hit from the first-day first show.

Pradeep Ranganathan who works as an IT employee loves Nikhita. They take their relationship till marriage. Then comes a big issue. Nikhita's father Sastri invites Pradeep to his house. He approves of their love and gives his green signal to the marriage.

But he puts a condition. They should exchange their mobile phones for 24 hours. They get to know each other with this. What Happened Next? Did Pradeep Ranganathan win the condition? How Nikhita became the target of an uncommitted mistake? How trust made their relationship strong is the crux of the story. Hero's sister's marriage also becomes a subplot.

But the experiment of a Tamil youth with the inspiration of the film backfired. After the phones exchange his wrong doings were exposed. The issue reached a point where the cops arrested the youth. This has caught everyone's attention.

Going into details, Aravind(23) hails from Salem district in Tamil Nadu. His marriage has been fixed and the engagement ceremony was also held. The couple decided to know about each other before marriage and took inspiration from the Love Today film.

The boy and his would-be exchanged their respective mobile phones. The girl went through a big shock that she will never forget. Little does she know that she is up to the shock of her life before going through the mobile of Aravind.

Nude pictures of a girl appeared on Aravind's phone. His would be canceled marriage with him. Not just that she informed the same to the parents of the concerned girl with the help of her relatives. Police entered the scene and arrested him.