Youth Harasses Woman, Says She Is Corona Positive

Thu Mar 26 2020 11:18:50 GMT+0530 (IST)

Even as the society is covering in fear about the Corona pandemic, some miscreants are resorting to harassing women even in these trying times. In a shocking incident in the national capital of Delhi, a youth tried to blame a 25-year-old woman as Corona positive and spat the betel leaf juice (pan) on her. The woman, a resident of Vijayanagar in Delhi, came out with her associate on Wednesday to buy groceries. Even as she was approaching the shop, a youth ran towards her, spat the betel leaf he was chewing on her and said she was a Corona positive person.

Though initially non-plussed, the woman gathered her wits and called up the police to complain about his assault. The police swung into action immediately and arrested the youth. The youth was later identified as Gaurav Vohra. The police said that strict action would be taken against those trying to harass others in the name of Corona. The Union Home Ministry too has issued strict instructions to take action against those harassing others in the name of Covid 19.