Youtuber held for peddling anti-Jagan content

Thu Jun 30 2022 15:49:29 GMT+0530 (IST)

The CID police on Wednesday night arrested a pro-TDP YouTube channel organiser for peddling anti-Jagan and anti-government content. The police arrested News 25, YouTube Channel's organiser Garlapati Venkatesh from his residence in Dharanikota village of Palnadu mandal.  Sources said that he was taken to Guntur for questioning.

The CID swooped down on Venkatesh's residence at midnight and forced their way into his room. Venkatesh tried to argue with them but the cops overpowered him and took him away. The police broke open the doors with the help of a crowbar. His parents were not informed as to where he was being taken.

The police confiscated the computer hard disc and the cellphones being used by Venkatesh and took him. The parents of the boy said that the police did not tell them anything about why Venkatesh was being arrested and where he was being taken. They said the police did not show them any warrant or document before taking Venkatesh into custody.

Meanwhile, TDP general secretary and former minister Nara Lokesh strongly decried the arrest of Venkatesh. He said the arrest was illegal and that the police did not furnish any warrant before arresting Venkatesh. He said that this incident shows how afraid Jagan was about dissent and criticism. He also released a video that showed the manner in which the cops arrested Venkatesh.