Zoom Wedding canceled, couple should get married before authorised official!

Mon Jul 19 2021 11:23:26 GMT+0530 (IST)

The ongoing pandemic has taught us so many things and several modules have become a new normal. The way we celebrate occasions have also changed completely. Zoom weddings saw a rise in the wake of Covid fear. The module was widely prevalent in the western countries.Not only the western countries, a few other countries have also followed the module.

Now the new normal module became unauthorised in New York of the United States. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo had issued orders to repeal the virtual weddings.

A leading daily in its report said that the Zoom weddings are no longer considered legal and valid in New York from the 25 of June.

As per the new norm, couples who want to tie the knot in New York should do the ritual in the presence of an authorised official. Then only, the wedding is considered Legal.

Keeping the Coronavirus situation in mind, the New York Governor had issued an executive order back in April 2020 allowing the public to get married via zoom weddings so that the event will have limited guests.

As the situation seems better now and the cases have also come down, the Governor has repealed the executive order. With the rapid growth in zoom weddings during the pandemic period in New York couples from other regions have reached the state to get married as their marriage will get the required licence from the authorities.

However, the Governor's office reportedly told the leading daily that though the executive order on zoom weddings was lifted, the couple cannot marry in outdoor locations.

As the wedding will be done in the presence of authorised people, no special certificate or license would be given to the couple like earlier. Their wedding details would be mentioned in the records.

The order permitting the couple to get married on zoom weddings so that their family members, friends and well wishers will join the occasion without floating the Covid protocols was issued to see that the public won't face any issues. Taking the prevailing situations into consideration, the executive order issued earlier was lifted, the Governor's office representative was quoted as saying by the daily.