Person Who Eats Outside Is More Vulnerable To Covid-19 Than Air Travel: A Study

Sat Oct 31 2020 18:00:11 GMT+0530 (IST)

Many nations across the globe have eased the restrictions of strict lockdown. Restaurants and eateries are now allowing customers to dine unlike the initial days of lockdown.

Now a recent study conducted by Harvard University on the safety level of having food at the eateries amid the deadly outbreak of the novel Coronavirus.

The study stated that compared to the passengers who travel on an airplane, people who eat at the eateries and go for grocery shopping are more vulnerable to the disease.

Referring to airplane traveling, the study said the proper and constant ventilation and airflow and the regular cleaning at airplanes make them safe compared to the eateries.

The study held the Covid-19 protocols like wearing a face mask, washing the hands frequently, and maintaining a physical distance key for curbing the pandemic.

The new study came in the light of the world fearing the ongoing pandemic. Over 45 million patients were diagnosed with the virus, while not less than 1,187,029 patients have succumbed to the disease.