IAS Association Elections Become Controversial

Sat Dec 12 2020 09:03:08 GMT+0530 (IST)

A war of sorts is brewing among the IAS officers in Telangana over the IAS officers Association Elections. A strong section of senior IAS officers is staunchly opposing the election of Somesh Kumar as the president of the association. These officers say that Somesh Kumar, who is also the Chief Secretary of the Telangana Government, cannot become the president of the association as per the byelaws of the association. But, Somesh Kumar has already got himself elected bypassing senior IAS officials.

Normally, the association is meant to represent the case of aggrieved IAS officers to the Chief Secretary of the Government. In case of any dispute or insult or denial of promotion, the IAS officials approach the chief secretary through the association. But if the chief secretary himself is the association president, they would be denied this opportunity. So, the association bylaws have said that CS cannot be the president of the association.

But, ignoring the claims of senior officials like Suresh Chanda, Somesh Kumar reportedly got himself elected to the president's post. Now, several senior officials are sulking and are even contemplating to explore legal options. They are arguing that Somesh Kumar has ignored the conventions and bylaws of the association. This dispute has vertically divided the IAS fraternity in the state.