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Germany Became a New Destination For Indians?

If the question of the most preferred Visa among Indians, then many would say it's American Visa

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   10 Aug 2023 8:46 AM GMT
Germany Became a New Destination For Indians?

If the question of the most preferred Visa among Indians, then many would say it's American Visa. But the trend is slowly changing and Indians have a newly found love for Schengen Visa which allows visa holders to explore various nations. As a result, there is a massive demand for visas.

Recently, the Embassy of Switzerland in India cleared the doubts on reports of stopping visa appointments for Indians. The embassy said that there is no truth in this and observed that the applicants can apply for the Schengen Visa six months before the trip.

As another piece of good news, the Processing Time For Schengen Visa For Travel To Germany has been brought down To 8 Weeks. The Embassy also said that they want to offer even better service.

The data revealed by the German National Tourist Board highlight the newfound love of Indians for Germany as the time spent by them there is quite high. The data says that last year, Indians spent as many as 6.23 lakh nights.

Many say that the beauty of Germany increases during the night. Adding strength to this, Indians reportedly spent 6.23 lakh nights in the country. This shows how the country became the dream destination for vacations and business trips. Now the visas which are being processed are more in numbers and we can expect the nights spent in the European nation to increase further.

Many might doubt why the preference of Indians changed. They might have felt bored visiting the same countries again and again and wanted to explore new places which resulted in Germany becoming the dream destination of many.

Germany is home to many tourist spots and attractions that need to be explored to know the real beauty of the country. Schengen visa offers a stay of 90 days and the visa holders can visit 27 countries in the Schengen Area of Europe.

Compared to others, Germany is said to have the lowest hotel room prices in Europe. So this makes Germany the preferred destination for travel and business trips. On the other hand, the money tourism sees there also increased.