Balakrishna cannot show truth - Pridhvi

Sun Feb 17 2019 14:14:21 GMT+0530 (IST)

Comedian Pridhvi and actor Krishnudu joined YSRCP and pledged to work as the spokesperson in the party for time being even if they don't get to contest in elections.

Pridhvi being aggressive as always aimed his first speech from political office in the press against TDP and Balakrishna.

He actually earned fame by imitating Balakrishna in many films but he seemed to have very less regard to that truth. He did not hold back from stating the facts.

He said, " I have full confidence in Ram Gopal Verma and believe that he has no problems in bringing out truth.

He doesn't have any enormity with anyone and without any bias he can state the truth. For Balakrishna to tell entire truth he has to go against CBN and he can't do that as they are relatives and friends too.

So, Balakrishna made Rana do the role of CBN in NTR biopic and showed his love towards the man. As RGV doesn't have such obligations he is calling a spade, a spade.

I have my own choice to join any party I like and as a comedian I learned to let go of money many times and still act for audiences and their entertainment.

Not just me, many of us comedians, have such huge heart and hence, we want to be close to public through politics. Others are not like us," concluded Prithvi.