Is Chandrababu Behind Balayya Attending NTR's Function?

Sun Oct 21 2018 20:44:58 GMT+0530 (IST)

If there is a 'Use and throw' tissue paper in Nandamuri family, then it definitely is Jr NTR. The TDP used him fully in 2009 elections. NTR campaigned incessantly and got injured while returning from the campaign. Even from the hospital bed, he asked the people to vote for the TDP. But, Chandrababu made NTR scapegoat for party's defeat and sidelined him.

In fact, the TDP failed to clinch power not because of NTR, but because of YS Rajasekhara Reddy. Even Mahakutami with TRS and the Left Parties could not save the TDP. But, the TDP chose to conveniently thrust the blame on NTR. Not just that it made a point to build negative public opinion against NTR's films and ensured that the films failed. Well! That's how Chandrababu works. He uses and then throws away people.

Even Balayya too had insulted NTR and did not like any query pertaining to NTR. But, the same Balaiah has now agreed to attend the Aravinda Sametha success meet.

Insiders say this could be because of  the 2019 elections. Chandrababu himself is said to have asked Balayya Babu to attend NTR's film function. The reason? Chandrababu wants to use NTR for electioneering. Chandrababu is already facing the heat from both YS Jagan and Pawan Kalyan and thinks NTR can bail him out. Hence the bon homie. But, will NTR fall for the bait or act cleverly this time? Let's wait and see.