Who Will Fight Balayya Babu In Hindupur?

Tue Mar 12 2019 16:28:05 GMT+0530 (IST)

Now Balayya Babu has finally decided to fight the elections again from Hindupur. The constituency has always been a citadel of the TDP and Balayya had a facile win in 2014. Now he wants to repeat the success story one more time.

But, who will take on Balayya Babu from the YSRCP? There is no clarity as yet. In fact, last time Navin Nischal alias Bukkapatnam Navin Kumar gave a tough fight to Balayya Babu. But, recently he was removed from the party coordinator post. The YSRCP brought in former MLA Abdul Ghani. With Ghani going silent of late, the YSRCP is now trying to get on board hugely popular former IG Iqbal Mohammad. Iqbal, however, is a native of Kurnool. So, the locals feel, despite his popularity, things may not be easy for him. So, many YSRCP supporters feel that Navin Nischal, who is rooted in Hindupur, should be brought back to take on Balayya Babu.

Hindupur has been returning only TDP candidates from 1984. NTR had won in 1985, 1989 and 1994. Later, Harikrishna won in 1996. Then TDP candidates CC Venkat Ramulu (1999), Ranganayakulu (2004), Abdul Ghani (2009) represented Hindupur. The Congress has alway sbeen weak in Hindupur. But, things changed after Navin Nischal. He breached the TDP fort. He contested in 2004 and 2009. In 2009, he was a rebel candidate, but stood second. Navin lost by just 4000 votes.

Though Balayya had won by 14000 votes in 2014, he became quite unpopular due to lack of interest in the constituency and the negative image of his PA Sekhar. All these years, Navin waged a relentless war against Balayya Babu and the TDP. But, for some strange reasons, he has been ignored by the party. But with Abdul Ghani, who recently joined the YSRCP, opting out of the contest, Navin Nischal may stage a comeback. If Navin is in the fray, the contest would be very interesting, say locals.