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Thammareddy's Sensational Comments on Chandrababu,Pawan,NTR!

Talking about Janasena Bharadwaja said that we have to see how Janasena votes will be transferred to TDP.

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   3 Oct 2023 4:34 PM GMT
Thammareddys Sensational Comments on Chandrababu,Pawan,NTR!

Junior NTR is a family member and it was Chandrababu who kept him at distance, said film producer Thammareddy Bharadwaja. He said that NTR's absence is evident looking at the plight of TDP. Encouraging Pawan over Junior NTR who has equal stardom in film industry is showing its impact. In an interview to a YouTube channel, he shared his opinions on various issues.

He stressed the point that Junior NTR campaigned for TDP in 2009 and met with an accident. Walking down the memory lane, the director recalled how NTR recovered from the situation. When NTR did so much for the party, Chandrababu ignored him in 2014 polls and went to Pawan Kalyan's house for alliance, he said.

This resulted in the party facing a tough time. When Chandrababu got arrested the party is in trouble. Pawan Kalyan, the chief of another party had to save the party. No matter what Pawan does he will be the chief of another party,not a TDP man, Bharadwaja said.

Talking about Janasena Bharadwaja said that we have to see how Janasena votes will be transferred to TDP. Fans did not vote in 2019 when Pawan Kalyan appealed to vote for his party, he recalled. But they are hoping that Janasena votes will be turned for TDP. People might change and vote for TDP listening to Pawan,he said

Like how people responded when Sr NTR gave a call to support, we have to see if the same happens to Pawan. Tammareddy spoke in a way that Chandrababu's behavior is the reason for TDP's situation. He said that instead of encouraging family member NTR, Chandrababu went for alliance and TDP is in such a situation, he said.

He said that NTR might not come for the party today, but there might be a chance of him stepping out some day. This might happen for the upcoming polls or the elections five years after. In the Dharmapeetam program Senior NTR said his heir will come in TDP some day. This might happen,he said.

Talking about the Times Now Survey, he said that YCP is banking on the surveys. However, he said that TDP surveys say the same. People will decide who will come to power. He spoke extensively on why NTR is not coming to TDP fold. He spoke in a way that TDP leadership is wrong for ignoring NTR Jr.