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Agent's Failure Puts Anil Sunkara in a Tight Spot

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   4 Jun 2023 1:39 PM GMT
Agents Failure Puts Anil Sunkara in a Tight Spot
Akhil Akkineni's film, "Agent," directed by Surender Reddy, turned out to be a disastrous venture. Despite high expectations, the movie disappointed the audience on its first day, making it the biggest failure in Akhil Akkineni's career.

Producer Anil Sunkara and Surender Reddy had invested a budget of up to 80 crores in the film. However, due to Akhil's limited market value, the film only managed to make 36 crores in business. The negative word-of-mouth caused the overall collections to plummet to a mere 6 crores.

Consequently, all the film's buyers suffered significant losses. In an attempt to recoup their investments, the buyers are demanding a refund of up to 20 crores from Anil Sunkara.

The producer is now faced with the task of compensating for the losses incurred by the film. The buyers are insisting that at least 75% of the lost money be returned to them before they consider purchasing and releasing films again.

Similar to the ongoing protest by "Ligar" buyers at the Producer Council office, Anil Sunkara is expected to engage in negotiations with the buyers to settle the matter. Anil Sunkara, who has already faced financial setbacks with "Agent," is now preparing to face the buyers' demands. The outcome of these negotiations remains uncertain.