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Did You Notice Balayya's Behaviour With Pawan?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   21 Jan 2023 9:05 AM GMT
Did You Notice Balayyas Behaviour With Pawan?
People were puzzled when they heard the idea of Nandamuri Balakrishna hosting a talk show. Knowing the star hero's image, people wondered how he would handle it. It created a lot of curiosity and the show managed to present a side of Balakrishna which was unseen before. We got to see the fun and entertaining side of the 'Legend' hero through 'Unstoppable'. This talk show which is streaming on 'Aha' is considered one of the most viewed programs in Telugu.

We have seen the huge traffic which 'Aha' platform had to face when the 'Unstoppable' episode featuring Prabhas was premiered. In the meanwhile, the makers have started promoting the upcoming episode with Pawan Kalyan as the 'Baap Of All Episodes'. This much-awaited episode will be streamed soon and the glimpse has been released recently.

In the promo, we can clearly observe the change in Balayya's behaviour compared to the earlier episodes he did with other stars. The senior hero showcased his mark timing and threw funny punches at the stars in the previous episodes but he seems to have taken a careful approach while doing this episode with Pawan Kalyan. Balayya refers to everyone as 'Nuvvu' but he kept calling PK as 'Meeru' throughout the promo which was quite surprising.

It is not wrong for Balayya to talk like that. We are not pointing out any flaws when we talk about the body language of such a big senior hero. Our intention is only to showcase the change in his body language and talking style when he was doing an episode with Pawan Kalyan.

We can clearly see Balayya asking questions very carefully unlike before when he generated a lot of fun. Anyway, there is a talk going on that 'Unstoppable' will showcase the stamina of Pawan Kalyan. People who watch the show regularly can find out the changes in Balayya's behaviour and we will know more about it when the complete episode comes out.