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Is Bahubali a grand version of Chatrapathi?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   4 May 2017 1:38 PM GMT
Is Bahubali a grand version of Chatrapathi?
Until recently, to be precise, till Bahubali2 release, we did not exactly know how the movie story will pan out. There have been lot of speculations about the movie's story especially, with the twist and corresponding question, 'Why Kattappa Killed Bahubali?'

Now, many fans of the director and the team of actors, who watched Bahubali2 are discussing more and more about the characters. While there are many similarities found with other Rajamouli films as well, major amount are saying that the entire movie is an extension to Chatrapathi story executed on a large scale with great VFX.

Well, if we observe carefully, the story of Chatrapathi too deals with sibling rivalry. There too Mother's affection is torn between both of them, with one being her own son and other being stranded infant, of a family member she adopted. Well, the difference is that while Chatrapathi runs around mother's affection, here it revolves around the throne of Mahishmathi. Well, do you agree that this movie is an extended version of Chatrapathi?