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Veera Simha Reddy Review

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   12 Jan 2023 10:56 AM GMT
Veera Simha Reddy Review
'Veera Simha Reddy' Movie Review!

Cast: Nandamuri Balakrishna, Shruti Hassan, Honey Rose, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Duniya Vijay, Murali Sharma, Ravi Shankar, Ajay Ghosh and others.

Music: Thaman

Cinematography: Rishi Punjabi

Dialogues: Sai Madhav Burra

Producer: Y Ravi Shankar - Naveen Yerneni

Story - Screenplay - Direction: Gopichandh Malineni

Nandamuri Balakrishna is one of the heroes who has a wonderful track record during the Sankranti season. He is back once again with 'Veera Simha Reddy' which was directed by Gopichandh Malineni. This film has a lot of expectations on it because it is Balayya's immediate movie after 'Akhanda'. The trailer was highly impressive and the movie has hit the screens today amidst huge hype. Let us dive into the review straightaway.


Jai (Balakrishna) runs a restaurant in Istanbul along with his mother. He gets engaged to Isha (Shruti Hassan) as well. But Jai doesn't know anything about his father and thinks that he is dead. His mother reveals the secret about his father. Veera Simha Reddy (Balakrishna) is a godfather in the Rayalaseema area. He faces a huge challenge from Pratap Reddy (Duniya) Vijay who tries to take over the entire area. As his son is getting married, Veera Simha Reddy arrives in Istanbul. He gets attacked there too. How did Veera Simha Reddy survive? What is the rivalry between Pratap Reddy and Veera Simha Reddy? Why he did maintain distance from his wife and kids? All these questions will be answered in the movie theatres near you.


Gopichandh Malineni is a huge fan of Balayya. He promised the fans that he will showcase Balayya in a way that everyone wants to see. He stayed true to the promise and presented Balayya in a wonderful manner. The getup of Balakrishna as Veera Simha Reddy is superb and his screen presence is phenomenal. The elevations are wonderful and the action episodes are sure to make the masses go crazy. The dialogues worked wonderfully but are they enough for the movie to become successful? There has to be a story and a tight screenplay. It needs a few new scenes as well. But Gopichand did not focus on them at all. He took the outdated faction backdrop once again and tried to infuse a heavy dose of sentiment, action and elevations in the movie. Fans who think that elevations are enough might like this movie but others may surely get disappointed.

The role of a bigshot who takes care of the people is nothing new to Balayya. Him holding a sword with a khaddar shirt on is also nothing new. Him mouthing strong punch dialogues is also nothing new. We see the same in 'Veera Simha Reddy' as well. Usually in faction movies, the hero cuts the heads to villains in Rayalaseema region but Veera Simha Reddy does the same in Istanbul. That is the only new thing in the movie. Balayya has played dual roles in most of his recent hits. The story and his characters always remain the same. They start with a young Balayya, showcase his heroism, make him romance with the heroine and bring the senior Balayya into the frame. The second character gets elevated heavily and a huge fight happens during the end of the first half. The movie then goes to flashback and it is followed by a grand climax. This is the same pattern that every Balayya's film is following these days.

Gopichandh became successful in showcasing Balayya in the same way as Boyapati. Without taking much time, he brought the main Balayya into the scene and used Balayya mark episodes to make the fans go crazy. Starting from his getup, everything related to Veera Simha Reddy character impresses us. Sai Madhav Burra's dialogues helped a lot in elevations and action episodes. Though the scenes have nothing new, the mass elevations and goosebumps moments designed by Gopichandh are wonderful. Such kind of scenes arrive one after the other and they end with a huge action sequence before the interval point. There is an interesting twist too.

The second half is dedicated to the flashback. The entire power of Veera Simha Reddy is showcased in the first half which left no surprise factor in the second half. This made the latter parts very lengthy, over dramatic and sentimental. This brings down the graph of the film drastically. Though people wants to find out the reason behind hero's own sister being so spiteful towards him, the flashback is a huge letdown. With a routine fight in the climax the movie comes to an end. Overall, barring some huge elevations and Balayya's powerful performances, there is nothing special in 'Veera Simha Reddy'. The heavy violence may not work out for the family audience but the mass audience may like this flick.


Balayya proved once again that he can unleash the beast mode in him if a right role comes his way. He was perfect as 'Veera Simha Reddy' starting from his look to his body language. No one suits these characters more perfectly than Balakrishna and the theatre erupts whenever he appears on the screen. His powerful portrayal of the character worked wonders and the dialogues also suited Balayya's style. He appeared ordinarily in the young man's get up.

Heroines Shruti Hassan and Honey Rose are present just for glamour's sake. There don't have enough scope to act. Shruti looked highly glamorous in this movie. Duniya Vijay's character is quite ordinary and people who expected a lot from him will be definitely disappointed. Varalaxmi Sarathkumar did a very good job compared to others. Though it is not on the level of Jayamma from 'Krack', he made her mark with a strong screen presence. Lal did quite well as Veera Simha Reddy's right hand. Ajay Ghosh and Murali Sharma are okay.


Thaman proved his love for Balakrishna once again. Just like 'Akhanda', he elevated a lot of action scenes and heroism shots with his thumping background score. It was a bit loud at times but Thaman definitely needs a lot of appreciation. Songs are just fine as they are nothing unique. Rishi Punjabi's camerawork is splendid and the visuals are very rich. The action choreography is amazing too. Mythri Movie Makers have spent lavishly on this movie and it can be seen throughout the film. Sai Madhav Burra's dialogues have hit the right chord. Apart from some emotional dialogues and punch dialogues, his words on the current ruling party drew whistles from the audience.

It should be said that writer-director Gopichandh Malineni did not make full use of his chance. He tried to elevate Balayya endlessly and did not focus on the story and screenplay. His elevations will definitely make the fans happy and he managed to showcase senior Balayya in a perfect manner but there is nothing else.

Verdict: Only Elevations!!!

Rating: 2.25/5