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Ahead Of Festive Season, Covid Rings Danger Bells In America!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   16 Dec 2022 8:09 AM GMT
Ahead Of Festive Season, Covid Rings Danger Bells In America!
The novel Coronavirus pandemic left a heavy toll on the world and all the countries suffered big time for two years. Thousands and lakhs of fresh cases were recorded every day in the nation and the health systems were severely hit. After around two years the situation is appearing under control now.

Compared to the others, countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, and India went through a tough time, and the three nations accounted for the majority of the cases the world witnessed when the Covid fear was at its peak. While other countries are in a good position, America is still facing issues with Covid.

It is known that December is a big festival season and people are all set to celebrate the two big festivals Christmas and New Year. Ahead of this, Americans have a piece of bad news. Covid cases are on a rise yet again in the nation and United States President Joe Biden announced it.

On his official Twitter handle, Joe Biden said that the cases in America are increasing as people are gathering together for holidays. Having said that the United States President maintained that people can order free four Covid tests and the tests will reach their doorstep. Every household can order four tests.

"COVID cases are rising across America as folks gather for the holidays. That's why, starting today, every household can order 4 free COVID tests to be shipped straight to your door," the tweet reads.

America monitors the Covid cases by taking the average of cases reported every week. If the average increases compared to the previous week then the concerned authorities will know that the cases have increased. The same happened here. Compared to the previous week, the last week saw a hike of almost 50 percent.

50 percent rise is not a small thing and we might see another big wave in America. To see that such a thing won't happen, the US administration is taking all the required measures and asking people to cooperate. Sending Covid tests is one such thing. Rather than going to a medical facility, they can take the test at their doorstep.

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