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Are parties playing mind-games in Telangana with survey reports?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   14 July 2022 5:04 AM GMT
Are parties playing mind-games in Telangana with survey reports?
Are the three major political parties in Telangana playing mind-games against one another using survey reports? It appears so. The TRS, the Congress and the BJP are trying to play mind-games to show that their respective popularity graphs are rising. All these are leaving the ordinary voter thoroughly confused.

Few days after the leaked reports of Team Prashant Kishor's survey which said that the TRS was comfortably placed, but some of the MLAs were facing severe anti-incumbency, the Congress came up with a survey of its own. It touted a survey, purportedly done by 'Atma Sakshi' team, has said that while the TRS may still retain power albeit with a reduced majority, the Congress is rising in rural Telangana.

However, Atma Sakshi has a dubious record as it has predicted a TDP victory in Andhra Pradesh in 2019. Also, it predicted an SP sweep in Uttar Pradesh and a Congress victory in Punjab. On both counts. The survey report fell on its face and ended up with a lot of egg on its face. Ironically, Revanth Reddy has chosen to quote the survey by a team that has failed to predict several elections correctly.

The BJP on the other hand, has quoted a survey by AARAA, which too claimed that the TRS will narrowly retain power. But, it claimed that the BJP was in the second position instead of the Congress Party. Sources say that both these surveys were actually part of the mind games that the parties were playing.

Analysts say that these surveys are intended to lure political leaders who want to switch sides. Both the Congress and the BJP are now trying to lure as many leaders from the other parties as possible. Sources say that only one thing is common in all these surveys – that the TRS will come back to power with a greatly reduced majority.