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BJP Don't Have At Least 10 Candidates In Telangana?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   7 Jun 2023 4:37 PM GMT
BJP Dont Have At Least 10 Candidates In Telangana?
The Telangana wing of the Bharatiya Janata Party is confident of winning the elections in the state whenever they are held. But the political observers have something else to say as they feel that the party doesn't even have 10 candidates. There are 119 Assembly seats and 17 Parliament seats in the state. Keeping aside the Parliament seats, the magic figure to come to power is 83.

Let us get into the details of how many candidates the party had and how many among them would be the winning horses. Observers say that BJP doesn't even has 10 candidates. During the combined Andhra Pradesh, late YSR made some sensational comments on the TRS party. He said: Rajender did the party win at least 10 seats? The old comments continue to shake YouTube.

Observers say that YSR's comments suit the BJP correctly. BJP won four seats in the 2019 Parliament elections. They say that Prime Minister Narendra Modi's speeches should be credited for this. Talking about what is next, there is no answer to this. In the 2018 Assembly elections, only one candidate won the elections, who is Raja Singh. He won from the Goshamahal constituency.

In between, the BJP is banking on the leaders who are changing their loyalties from party to party. Many say that when the situation is like this, BJP leaders are going over the board with their comments. T-BJP chief Bandi Sanjay often says that BJP is the correct alternative to BRS and they will send KCR to jail. But the party is said to be not working on increasing the traditional vote brand at the root level.

Observers say that BJP's vote bank was 5 percent in 2018 and for the 2019 polls, it did not change and they credit Narendra Modi's speeches for this. If leaders who are with BJP shift to Congress, then the saffron party will have to face a big issue. Ponguleti Srinivasa Reddy(former Khammam MP) was invited to join BJP.

But he is preferring the Congress party. If the likes of Etela Rajender, Konda Vishweshwar Reddy, and Komatireddy Rajgopal Reddy shift their loyalties to the Congress, then BJP will be washed away completely. If this happens, then the BJP would not have at least 10 candidates.