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BJP Minister Sees TV Actress Death From Love Jihad Lens!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   26 Dec 2022 7:59 AM GMT
BJP Minister Sees TV Actress Death From Love Jihad Lens!
The Delhi murder case not only became a big sensation but also added fuel to the debate that the Love Jihad practice is increasing these days. As the victim and suspect are from different faiths the debate made people talk about it more. As if that was not enough another issue popped up making people talk about the alleged practice more.

It is known that young actress Tunisha Sharma took the extreme step and took her life a couple of days back. She was found dead in her room and by the time people saw her, she was no more.

A young actress who made a special space for herself in the small screen space taking her life at a very young age caught everyone's attention and people are feeling bad about this. Sharma's mother alleged that she has a doubt about her boyfriend.

Tunisha Sharma's co-star Sheezan Khan was arrested after the actor's mother raised her doubt. Further investigation is underway to see if Khan has anything to do with the death case.

Now a BJP Minister alleged that there is a Love Jihad angle in the case and the matter should be probed. Girish Mahajan, a Minister in Maharashtra raised the allegations and said that there is a need to bring a law against the Love Jihad practice.

Giving the actress's issue as an example the Bharatiya Janata Party said that the Love Jihad practice is going on and a strict law should be brought to fight against it. On the occasion, he also said that the Maharashtra government is in plans to bring a strict law.

The Minister's comments added intensity to the case as he gave a Love Jihad angle to case. People are talking about this. As the BJP leader is in a big position of a state Minister, his comments created some relevance.

Love Jihad term became popular in the past few years. The Right-wing supporters use it largely if any Muslim man assaults or kills his wife or girlfriend who is from another faith. A few states are in plan to bring a law that fights the Love Jihad practice.