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Celebrity Who Supported Hijab Protests Died Of Police Beating!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   31 Oct 2022 8:59 AM GMT
Celebrity Who Supported Hijab Protests Died Of Police Beating!
We have a lot of celebrities here. Despite being in a good position they fear reacting to the atrocities in society and the anti-public schemes the government takes. Star status and celebrity stardom are confined to the silver screen alone. But a celebrity had set an example of how a celebrity should be.

A celebrity set up an example and gave his voice to the women who are protesting against the Hijab implementation in Iran. He lost his life in the protest as he was beaten to death by the protection forces. His death had raised many eyebrows.

It is known that Iran has been seeing intense anti-hijab protests for some months. Women are protesting intensively to make the government understand that they are not ready to listen to what the administration is saying.

Seeing women hitting the roads to protest, Iran's celebrity chef Jamie Oliver who is just 19 years old stood in solidarity with the protesting women. The security forces reportedly thrashed him and he was beaten to death. The protests turned even more intense after his sensational death. His family members are alleging that the forces brutally thrashed him to silence his voice.

His family is saying that the 19-year-old celebrity chef Mehrshad Shahidi aka Iran's Jamie Oliver reportedly sustained serious injuries on his skull after he was attacked by the forces. They alleged that he was taken into custody and then beaten to death. They also said that they are being forced to call the death a heart attack.

"Our son lost his life as a result of receiving baton blows to his head after his arrest, but we have been under pressure by the regime to say that he has died of a heart attack," the chef's family members are believed to have said with the local media.

The chef's death added fuel to the ongoing protests and people are showering praises on the 19-year-old who stood with the protesting women against the imposition of hijab in the nation. Thousands of people are expected to attend his funerals to honour him for standing behind the protesting women against Hijab.

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