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Centre Gives Full Clarity on AP High Court Shifting Proposal!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   4 Aug 2022 6:07 PM GMT
Centre Gives Full Clarity on AP High Court Shifting Proposal!
The political dimensions in divided Andhra Pradesh changed at once after the YSRCP canceled the Amaravati capital city proposal made by the previous Telugu Desam Party government and announced three capitals idea. After coming to power, YCP changed its stand and said that the development should not be focused on Amaravati alone and the overall development is the need of the hours.

The YCP is adamant about having three capitals that the government is reportedly in plans to shift the base to Vizag and the Chief Minister is likely to function from the shore city Vizag. Though the official date for the same is not announced yet, the change is expected to happen soon.

As another twist to the capital row, the union government stunned everyone by saying that no proposal to shift the High Court to Kurnool is pending with it, and if the state government wants to make such an arrangement then a new proposal should be made and it should reach them.

The YCP government which is in power never misses an opportunity to show its strong stand on the three capital row. Whenever the issue comes out, the legislators say that no matter what the state will have three capitals.

Defending the stand, the ruling party even says that the High Court would also get shifted and the issue is pending with the union government. The party has been staying this with so much confidence that it really sent a complete proposal in regard to the shifting of the High Court to Kurnool.

The BJP has spoiled the claims of the YSRCP and said that no proposal is pending with it. This was said by one other than Union Law Minister Kiran Rijiju. Replying to a question raised by the TDP MP Kanakamedala Ravindra Kumar, the Union Minister said this in a written reply.

Having said that, the Union Law Minister made it clear that, if the High Court needs to be changed, then the Andhra Pradesh government and High Court should send the proposals and views on the shifting of the High Court. The state government will have to take care of the running of the Court, the Minister added.