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Coromandel Express And Its Trend Of Meeting With Accidents!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   3 Jun 2023 5:43 PM GMT
Coromandel Express And Its Trend Of Meeting With Accidents!
In a tragic turn of events, three trains which are supposed to travel on different tracks collided resulting in disastrous scenes. Hundreds of victims breathed their last in the mishap and few others sustained injuries. Eyewitnesses said that they could not believe what happened as everything happened quickly.

All fingers are pointing at Coromandel Express which is said to have taken the loop line instead of the main line which it was supposed to take. This led to shocking scenes on the railway track as there was blood all over the place.

The Coromandel Express is one of the longest-serving trains in the country and it has been running since the 70s. Daily it covers thousands of kilometers and it is among the fastest-running trains in the country as the train runs at around 130kmph.

The Coromandel Express is run by the South Eastern Railway zone which travels between Shalimar, West Bengal, and MGR Chennai Central, Tamil Nadu by passing through Andhra Pradesh. When the train was introduced in 1977 it was a bi-weekly service

Accidents are not new for the Coromandel Express. This is not the first time the train met with an accident. Back in 2009, the train met with a deadly accident. There are also a few similarities between the two accidents. Both happened to the same train and on Friday. The timings of the accidents are also very close.

Another similarity is that both accidents are related to the tracks. While the 2009 accident happened while changing the track, the recent accident happened as it took the wrong track. Train bogies were shattered on the tracks after the accidents.