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Court Makes Key Comments On Cruelty Towards Married Lady!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   28 Oct 2022 9:18 AM GMT
Court Makes Key Comments On Cruelty Towards Married Lady!
Of late more and more petitions on domestic violence and cruelty are reaching the courts. What treatment comes under cruelty is a big question every time the petition is filed with the court. In a big development, the Bombay High Court gave a new verdict on what comes under cruelty towards married women.

The Aurangabad bench of the Bombay High Court scrapped a petition filed by a woman against her estranged husband and in-laws for domestic violence and cruelty. Seeing that there is no merit in the petition, the bench scrapped the petition.

A woman filed a police complaint against her estranged husband and in-laws accusing them of cruelty. The case was taken to the High Court and the bench comprising Justices Vibha Kankanwadi and Rajesh Patil scrapped the petition.

In her complaint, the woman maintained that she was treated properly at her in-laws' place in the first month of her marriage and after that, she started facing issues as her inlaws started harassing her for money. She was even asked to do work in the house as a maid.

While scrapping the petition, the bench made some interesting comments and maintained that asking a married woman to do household work will not come under cruelty and that if she has any issues in doing such work she should have discussed it earlier before the marriage. The justices also said that if a woman would have said that before the marriage, the bridegroom would have had a thought on whether to go for the marriage or not.

The bench also said that the complainant said she was harassed and tortured and the acts were not mentioned specifically and mere allegations cannot attract sections in the IPC unless they are specified and proved.

"If a married lady is asked to do household work definitely for the purpose of the family, it cannot be said it is like a maid servant. If she had no wish to do her household activities, then she ought to have told it either prior to the marriage so that the bridegroom can rethink about the marriage itself," the Aurangabad bench of the Bombay High Court said.

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