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Donald Trump Announces Cancelling Citizenship If Elected To Power!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   31 May 2023 4:52 PM GMT
Donald Trump Announces Cancelling Citizenship If Elected To Power!
Donald Trump needs no introduction. He is a man of sensation and controversies. During his stint at the White House as the United States President and after stepping down he hits the headlines for various reasons. Many say that Donald Trump is the most controversial US President so far.

Donald Trump wants to run the next Presidential polls and try his luck. He is busy with his efforts in this regard. Donald Trump recently faced a big relief as the court asked a former actress to pay a big amount in the defamation suit she filed against the former US President.

Now Donald Trump made a big announcement that he will put an end to the birthright citizenship for children of illegal immigrants in the United States. Targeting the current President Joe Biden, Donald Trump said that illegal immigrants are entering the country and this should be stopped.

Donald Trump went on to say that he will direct the federal agencies to stop- the citizenship of children of illegal immigrants and an Executive order will also be issued. His son Trump Jr said the news of Donald Trump announcing the same.

This is not the first time, Donald Trump spoke about stopping the issuance of citizenship for illegal immigrants' children. He spoke about this in 2018 when he was in the White House. He announced his plans of issuing an executive order and even wanted to give the orders.

But that did not happen as he stopped his plans at the last moment. Experts say that thinking about the legal issues in changing the right granted by the Constitution, Donald Trump did not focus on this when he was the President of the United States. He took many shocking decisions, but the idea could not be implemented.

Getting citizenship in America if born in the nation is a right and granting citizenship has been followed since 1868. It is a birthright and it came into existence with the 14th Amendment of the Constitution. What Donald Trump wants to implement is against the law and violates the right that is granted by the American Constitution.