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Etela Rajender's Shocking Comments On TS and AP Governments!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   25 May 2023 12:40 PM GMT
Etela Rajenders Shocking Comments On TS and AP Governments!
Etela Rajender used to be very close to BRS boss KCR and the Chief Minister also used to mention Etela's name. But things changed upside down and he was suspended from the party. Following the consequences Etela Rajender is working to dethrone CM KCR. Recently, Etela Rajender held a special media conference. The comments he made became sensational. Etela maintained that KCR's election politics revolve around Real Estate money.

All these are happening as KCR found that money can be earned from the land around Hyderabad, he said. What happened to the Miyapur land scam? Why KCR govt failed in the Kukatpally Ellamabanda lands case? The government, which should protect the law and lands is losing the case by favouring the rich. Money earned from the lands is being spent on the party's Athmeeya Sammelanams. With the same money they are trying to defeat people like me and for politics in other states, he said.

Etela demanded that the KCR government should take back the decision of canceling 111 GO. Etela is alleging that GO 111 was canceled to earn illegally so that the money can be spent on elections in the country. The decision which impacts the Greater Hyderabad Ecosystem and creates issues for people with floods should be taken back, said Etela.

The new decision benefits realtors who give money to KCR and allows the illegal income of people close to KCR. Etela said that there are 18,000 acres of assigned lands in the limit of Go 111. Despite not implementing the three acres of land demand for Dalits, 5800 acres of assigned lands which are being cultivated for the last fifty years in the Hyderabad outskirts were gathered and 300-400 yards flats are given, he said.

Etela said that Hyderabad has the threat of floods and canceling Go 111 would be a reason, he warned. Kaleshwaram was filled with water. Farmlands from Kaleshwaram to Ellampalli drowned due to floods in the rainy season. If the two reservoirs are ignored with GO 111 cancellation, then Hyderabad will also be drowned, he said.

Etela's comments added fuel to the opinion that the KCR government's political wins are revolving around money and his comments created a sensation.

On the other hand, Etela Rajender also made some shocking comments about the Andhra Pradesh government. It is known that AP BJP leaders often target the YSRCP. Contrary to this, Etela showered praises on the AP government. Etela said that the Jagan govt is constructing houses for the poor, but the KCR govt is not giving any land for the house construction.