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Female Filmmaker's Lock Of Hair Displayed At Film Festival!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   14 Dec 2022 5:42 AM GMT
Female Filmmakers Lock Of Hair Displayed At Film Festival!
Muslim nations are very strict when it comes to imposing rules on women. They should follow the rules and they have no other option. We saw this in Iran. A woman who refused to wear Hijab was hit by Moral Police and she sustained serious injuries resulting in her death.

Her death gave birth to an intense battle in Iran against Hijab. Women are hitting the roads to fight against the rule of wearing hijab. From common people to celebrities, everyone took part in the protest to stand in solidarity with the protesting women.

An Iranian female filmmaker who has been a strong supporter raised many eyeballs with his act. As she was not allowed to leave the country to take part in a film festival where her film was screened, she sent her hair. A lock of her hair was sent to the film festival by her.

The organisers of the film festival displayed her hair to the audience and they cheered loudly to support her decision. Famous Iranian filmmaker Mahnaz Mohammadi was selected for the Spirit of Cinema award at the International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK).

As the Iranian government is very strict about not letting the critics come out, her passport was not renewed. With no option left, the filmmaker stayed back in Iran. To express her anger and show support for the Iran protests, Mahnaz Mohammadi sent her lock of hair.

On her behalf Greek filmmaker Athina Rachel Tsangari received the award. She showed the filmmaker's hair to the audience and they raised slogans supporting the filmmaker.

Women are cutting their hair in Iran to stand in solidarity with protestors who are raising their voices against the instructions imposed by the government and the Moral Police.

Mahnaz Mohammadi has been fighting for the rights of women for a very long time. Through her film, she gives her voice to the voiceless and supports the fight of women. After the Hijab row erupted, she became an even bigger critic of the Iranian government.

The anti-Hijab protests began in Iran in September this year after a Kurdish woman Mahsa Amini was brutally hit by the Morality police. She slipped into a coma and then passed away due to injuries.

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