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Hundreds Of Mephentermine Injections Found In Gym!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   19 Jun 2023 6:02 PM GMT
Hundreds Of Mephentermine Injections Found In Gym!
In a sensational drug bust, the concerned officials seized 400 banned injections at a gymnasium. The officials and police jointly conducted the raid and seized the injections. Besides seizing the injections, the officials also arrested three people in connection with the row which became a big sensation.

The shocking incident happened in Hyderabad. When the drug control department officials received information about banned injections at a gym in Myladevarapalli, they raided the place with the help of the Police. Their information was proved right. As many as 400 Mephentermine Sulphate injections were seized at the gym and three people were arrested.

As per the information, three people were arrested in connection with this who are identified as gym trainer Nitishm and his friends Sohail and Rahul. The arrested people are accused of selling the injections in nearby places.

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Mephentermine Sulphate injections are used to bulk up the body and have a bulky personality which is not legal. There are allegations that the arrested people are selling the injections in the nearby areas to people.

The concerned police are digging out details in the case to see if any others are involved in the case and who is the main head behind the injections. A detailed investigation is underway and further details are awaited.