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Its Women's Right To Decide On Abortion: Supreme Court!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   29 Sep 2022 9:38 AM GMT
Its Womens Right To Decide On Abortion: Supreme Court!
In many countries, abortion is a sensitive topic and the laws and legislations in those countries make it tough for women to get aborted. Married women going for abortion is one thing and unmarried women and rape survivors getting aborted is a big thing and it appears an impossible task.

Recently, we have seen how the Supreme Court in the United States banned abortion in not less than 14 states. By changing the status quo of the historic Roe v. Wade. Georgia ruling, the Supreme Court said abortion cannot be performed at around six weeks. This is controversial as the prescribed time is when the pregnancy is found.

Now the Supreme Court of India gave a historic verdict on abortion in the country. The Bench of the Supreme Court comprising Justices DY Chandrachud, Justice AS Bopanna, and Justice JB Pardiwala gave the order which says that women both married and unmarried can go for abortion.

The bench said that women can take a call on going for abortions if they are married or not. Having said that, the Justices also said it is not a good thing to deny women the right to get aborted on the grounds of their marital status. Up to 24 weeks, the abortion can be done.

During the arguments, the bench made some key comments on rape and marital rape. The justices observed that marital rape should also be included under the definition of rape. The bench maintained that a few women face marital rape and this should not be excluded.

This will help women and girls. Girls who get cheated by their lovers go for abortion as they cannot deliver the baby without marriage. Hospitals make use of their condition and charge a bomb to perform the abortion. Now there is no such rule and hospitals across the nation should do an abortion if a girl or woman wants up to 24 weeks.

The Supreme Court of India is welcomed by one and all and a few people are drawing a comparison between the Supreme Courts in India and America. While America denied rights, Indian Court said every woman has the right.

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