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Kishan Reddy Differs From Theories in Amit Shah-NTR Meet!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   22 Aug 2022 11:13 AM GMT
Kishan Reddy Differs From Theories in Amit Shah-NTR Meet!
Why did Amit Shah meet Nandamuri scion NTR all of a sudden in Hyderabad when the meeting was not planned? Was the Meeting purely casual and Amit Shah just met the talented hero to appreciate his unmatchable performance in the magnum opus RRR or is there any reason behind the sudden meeting? These are the doubts many have had since yesterday.

A few political experts believe that there could be a political reason behind the meeting. While a few reports say that NTR might have been invited to walk closely with TDP as there is a possibility that BJP and TDP would form an alliance. On the other hand, there is also a debate about the BJP wanting to bank on NTR's stardom. Former Minister Kodali Nani also expressed the same doubt.

Without any doubt, the meeting is in news with a lot of theories going on. Amid this, a strong leader from the saffron party Bharatiya Janata Party rubbished all the theories and said that all the reports are false and urged everyone to not believe the false news.

Top BJP leader Kishan Reddy who is serving as the Union Cabinet Minister addressed the issue and said that there is no political angle in the meeting. Kishan Reddy said that only issues related to film came for the discussion and nothing political.

Differing from theories on the meeting, Kishan Reddy made it clear that the meeting is just casual and there is no political angle behind the meeting. He made it clear that there is no truth in the reports.