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Mass Shooting Hits Thailand Accused Death Suspected!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   6 Oct 2022 9:58 AM GMT
Mass Shooting Hits Thailand Accused Death Suspected!
The growing gun culture is posing a big threat to the United States. Unfortunately, the trend is spreading to other countries as well. In a shocking incident, a person claimed over 30 lives,including children after he opened fire. After the incident, the bodies were left in a pool of blood.

In a shocking turn of events, a former cop from Thailand reportedly barged into a children's daycare centre and opened fire. To enter the centre, he reportedly pushed away people who came his way. Post entering the place, he went on a rampage with the weapon he carried.

The mass shooting was reported from a daycare centre in the northeastern province of Thailand. The person who started the mass firing was a former cop. After killing around 34 people including kids, he reportedly killed himself.

Reports also say that the accused is identified as former Pol Cpl Panya Khamrab. By sharing his picture along with the names of his social media accounts and calling him the most wanted. Though reports say he killed himself, the police department is investing to see if he is dead or not.

A few eyewitnesses reportedly said that the accused carried guns and knives to the crime spot. More than a dozen victims reportedly sustained serious injuries in the attack.

He started the mass firing by firing at the staff at the Children's Day Care Centre and then he started firing at everyone. He did not even spare kids. More than 20 children breathed their last in the attack, as per the reports.

The pictures and videos from the crime spot went viral which show that the bodies were lying like a pile. There was blood all over the place. People who survived the attacks ran out of the daycare centre in big fear. It was them who informed the cops.

Thailand also has a good number of gun holders. At regular intervals we see people attacking others. But no big mass firing as the new incident happened before. The concerned authorities informed the locals to be more cautious and said that the police department is on the job and the investigation is underway.

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