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Minister Roja Not Happy With Opponent Groups in Nagari?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   17 Oct 2022 1:33 PM GMT
Minister Roja Not Happy With Opponent Groups in Nagari?
Firebrand leader Roja who is now a Minister is a fighter and she breathes fire on the opposition. More than the opposition, the alleged groups in Nagari are troubling the Minister. She has reportedly been left alone in the region. This is the worst nightmare any politician would want to face.

Earlier when she was given the Ministry there were reports which say that the seniors in the party reportedly tries their best in stopping Roja from getting the Minister post But they could not succeed with the leadership selecting Roja for the big league.

Yet again the alleged groups popped up after a Bhoomi Pooja ceremony was reportedly held without calling her. As the ceremony was held in the Chittoor district and she was not invited despite her being the Cabinet Minister Roja felt very bad about this and expressed dissatisfaction over this.

As per the audio clip which is doing rounds, Roja reportedly spoke about the groups and expressed dissatisfaction that her opponents are being encouraged and the opposition parties are laughing about this.

Minister Roja in the audio reportedly said that she is facing mental torture with all these things and alleged that there is a conspiracy to make her weak in the region.

Such things are quite common in politics and looks like Roja is not able to face the internal politics in the party. Almost every party has such groups who stay together and targets their opponents. This will be the main reason behind leaders joining other parties. Let us wait and see how Roja copes with this.

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