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Nandamuri Suhasini To Contest From Gudivada Or Gannavaram?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   7 Jun 2023 6:28 PM GMT
Nandamuri Suhasini To Contest From Gudivada Or Gannavaram?
A lot of discussion is going on about the constituency from which Nandamuri Harikrishna's daughter Suhasini would contest in the next polls. It is said that she might run the elections in Telangana. She is a member of the Telangana state committee. Despite this, she might be placed in AP elections.

Talking about the TDP leadership, it has a target against a few leaders and Kodali Nani will be in the number one position on this, and Vallabhaneni Vamsi will be in the second position.

Chandrababu and Lokesh are said to be adamant about defeating the two leaders. Many say that Kodali Nani's Gudivada belongs to the Nandamuri family as NTR contested the 1983 elections from there and won. But Kodali Nani has been winning the seat for four terms.

It is said that candidates from the Nandamuri family should run the elections in Gudivada to defeat Kodali Nani. Suhasini's name popped up now as she is the third generation from the Nandamuri family. She is also active in politics. Taraka Ratna might have contested the elections from Gudivada if he would have been alive, say many.

As he is no more, Suhasini is expected to be brought in his place. It was proved that she cannot win the elections in Telangana. In the 2018 elections, she tried her luck from Kukatpally and tasted defeat. It is said that the woman card and the Nandamuri family aspect might work for her in the elections if she contests from the Gudivada seat.

This is dubbed as Nara Lokesh's plan. The aspect of controlling Hari Krishna's family members NTR and Kalyan Ram if Suhasini contests from Gudivada is doing rounds.

If Suhasini is made a candidate, then the TDP can also say that NTR Jr is on their side. Keeping this in mind, Suhasini is likely to contest the elections from either Gudivada or Gannavaram.

As per the predictions, Suhasini would win the elections in any of the two seats. Alliance with Janasena is on the cards and Kapu votes would fall for her. Kapu voters are in big numbers in both constituencies.

Kapu votes will be deciding factor in the two constituencies and alliance with Janasena would help the party win both seats. It looks like TDP has Suhasini's trump card in hand.

But there is no clarity on when the card will be used. If it is used in Gudivada then the party has to look for a strong leader in Gannavaram. Nara Lokesh wants to defeat both leaders. We have to wait and see how the strategy is planned.