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New Zealand Prime Minister Says Will Step Down!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   19 Jan 2023 11:59 AM GMT
New Zealand Prime Minister Says Will Step Down!
New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is not like any other leader. She successfully handled the Covid outbreak in the island nation New Zealand and became an example of how disasters are handled. Even when big nations like the United States, Russia, and others failed to deal with it, New Zealand fought the outbreak.

The island nation is one of the nations that managed to keep the Covid outbreak under control. New Zealand did not see a flood of Covid cases and hospitalizations as the rest of the countries did. The country even took a big step to keep the next generation out of tobacco.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern played a big role in this. Everyone expected that she would hold the position for a few more terms. But she took everyone by surprise by announcing that she will step down as the Prime Minister.

Jacinda Ardern said that she would resign as the Prime Minister of New Zealand in a few weeks. February 7th would be the last day of her office. Reacting to the survey report the Prime Minister said that she took the decision.

A recent survey said that her image as a leader went down. This made her take the tough decision to step down as the Prime Minister. The issues like recession and the rise in the prices of commodities might have played a role in this.

The economy of New Zealand is not in a good position during her rule as the Prime Minister. Even the prices of food have reached an all-time high as per the experts. The residents of the nation showed their views in the survey.

The 42-year-old Prime Minister did her best part in handling tough conditions like Covid outbreaks and the terror attack. Back in 2019, a mosque was attacked by attackers. As many as 51 Muslims passed away in this and around two dozen of victims sustained injuries.

It appears that the respondents of the survey focused more on the negative points and incidents that brought a negative image for her. This made her have a second thought and go for the resignation.