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Once a Maoist, Gaddar now shows interest in joining Congress

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   7 May 2022 12:54 PM GMT
Once a Maoist, Gaddar now shows interest in joining Congress
Life, it seems, has turned full circle for the so-called revolutionary singer Gaddar aka Gummadi Vithal Rao. Gaddar, who began as a revolutionary of the Maoist variety, made a career out of criticizing and slamming the government, which for decades was led by the Congress in both the Centre as well as the state. But now, it appears, he is angling to join the very party that he had always criticized.

On Saturday, Gaddar met Rahul Gandhi at Taj Krishna Inn hotel and held parleys with the Gandhi scion. He was also part of the intellectuals meet that the Congress Party had organized in the hotel. He reportedly expressed the desire to join the Congress Party. Rahul Gandhi reportedly invited him into the Congress Party, to which Gaddar responded positively.

Interestingly, Gaddar is doing things that he had always questioned. He visited temples and offered prayers there. This was something that he detested and opposed as a youth. He had also met the BJP leaders for some time and his son has almost joined the BJP. Incidentally, those with Maoist ideology consider the BJP as an anathema.

Gaddar made a very interesting comment at the meeting in the Taj Krishna Inn. He said those who are above 75 should make way for the youngsters in the party. Incidentally, Gaddar himself is 73 now. Will that mean that he would be in the party for just two years? Well! These rules perhaps do not apply to revolutionaries.