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Pawan As CM: Will This New Strategy Put TDP in Tight Spot?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   9 Jun 2023 5:52 PM GMT
Pawan As CM: Will This New Strategy Put TDP in Tight Spot?
Pawan recently clarified that he is not interested in any posts. He even said that he would have demanded the CM post if the party had won at least 35 to 40 MLA seats. He went on to say that CM post is what one party gives and it has to be earned with hard work. As the Janasena party is distressed by this, Pawan said that they can decide who will become CM based on the seats they win.

Many say that with the comments, Pawan Kalyan might have said that the party would have a chance to demand the CM post if it wins all the seats it gets as part of the alliance. Now Mega brother Nagababu is also saying the same. Saying that seeing Pawan Kalyan is the wish of everyone, Nagababu said that people in the state wanted to see Janasena in power.

A debate is going on about how Nagababu's comments should be seen as Pawan Kalyan's Varahi yatra will be started in a few days. Many say that what Nagababu said would be Pawan's opinion as he won't say such words directly.

Political observers say that TDP might face issues with this. The Party wants to come to power by offering some seats to the Janasena as part of the alliance. TDP leaders are closely observing what Nagababu said about the CM seat based on the seats Janasena won.

It is predicted that Pawan Kalyan might not restrict to lesser seats and the party might demand a big number of seats. Varahi Yatra's intention is also the same. Janasena is likely to demand at least half of the seats in the two Godavari districts. The party is also strong in the Vizag region. The party might demand half seats there and three seats from Srikakulam and Vijayanagaram.

If the Janasena party is given 45 seats and BJP gets 15 seats, TDP will be restricted to 115 seats. It is very tough to get the magic figure of 88 in the seats. A debate is going on about whether Janasena is making strategic moves to form a coalition government.

On the other hand, many say that there are few chances of Pawan Kalyan projecting himself as the CM face. As the Janasena cadre will be dull if Pawan is not announced as the CM face, Nagababu would have announced his candidacy. Looking at these, many say that Janasena's strategies would put the TDP in a tight spot.