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Perni Nani Lashes Out After Varahi News Comes Out!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   4 Jun 2023 12:07 AM GMT
Perni Nani Lashes Out After Varahi News Comes Out!
Just like films, there are also hit combinations in politics and they create a lot of buzz. On the other hand, a few leaders create buzz by attacking their opponents. Talking about Pawan Kalyan, there are a few leaders who show interest in attacking him. YCP senior leader and former Minister Perni Nani will be on the top of the list. We cannot forget the punches and satires he threw on Pawan Kalyan's Varahi.

As soon as the news of Pawan Kalyan touring the Godavari districts came out, Perni Nani swung into action to target him. Perni Nani held a press meet which lasted for around 55 and he allotted the major share of time for attacking Chandrababu and targeted Pawan for the rest of the time. He used satires against Pawan.

Perni Nani said that Pawan Kalyan announced Varahi yatra as he has no shoots. Is Pawan's tour on Varahi a Tour package? Instead of Annavaram and Bhimavaram, it would have been good if it was named Chandravaram Yatra. Pawan Kalyan's speeches are like what we see in films. How Pawn Kalyan can go to meet people after saying he doesn't need power and he wants Chandrababu to become CM?

What Pawan will do is not Varahi yatra, it is Chandra yatra. Pawan Kalyan's role is to praise Chandrababu even when he is in opposition. Is Varahi the same vehicle that has been running since the last Dasara? Does it not start yet? Was Varahi kept in Telangana safely? Chandrababu might have told Pawan to tour the Godavari districts. Yatra in Godavari would not create an issue for Lokesh's yatra right? Perni Nani who often targets Pawan had intensified his attack now.